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Here at nuColor International (NCI) our goal is to provide fun and quality products to everyday consumers.We strive in providing retailers with the best products for today’s marketplace. From kitchenware to gadgets we carry a wide range of unique and fun products. nuColor International (NCI) is big on RRP. We offer a range of retail ready products that are available in fun displays, in store PDQ's and eye catching packaging.


By using our vast network and different distribution channels we are able to provide customers awesome products . Our distribution channels continue to grow as we add on more products in different categories. nuColor International (NCI) works with both independent retailers and big box stores. All our manufactures undergo factory audits, industry standard inspections that are government regulated. Each and every factory must pass a pre-screening check before starting any production.



We believe that if your not passionate about what you do, you simply wont be happy. Our team at nuColor is extremely passionate about sourcing hot new products dailey and has the infrastructure overseas to do so. We take pride in the products we offer and stand behind each and every item.


Over the past 8 years we have partnered up with only the best suppliers and manufactures and continue to strengthen our relationships on a day to day basis.



​​NCI is all about providing exceptional service to all our accounts. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality products and great service. nuColor International (NCI) only sells to retailers and wholesalers. If you would like to carry our products, please click the page "Im a retailer" and fill out the form. After approving your application you will have access to browse all our products and order directly from us.


Sorry we do not sell to the public!


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