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What is NCI Sourcing?

nuColor International (NCI) offers sourcing services for , distributors, wholesalers, retailers and other industry professionals looking to import products from overseas. 


How long will it take to produce an item overseas?

Allow a minimum of 60-90 days for an overseas order. Production time will vary, and may exceed 90 days, depending on the item and quantity quoted. If a custom mold is required, additional production time may occur. An estimated production and shipping schedule will be provided with each quote.


What Sourcing Services do you offer

We can source products from scratch or Import existing products based on your needs.


What do you require to get started?

We require any product specifications you have, drawings, Pictures ,documents etc.

In order for us to make the process as efficient as possible we need all the product specifications from you before we get started. After we have all the correct information we can start arranging samples, choose materials, and negotiate prices with the factory. (Factory tours are also available upon request).


My product does not exist, can you source custom Products?

Perhaps your product is not currently made in China? NCI will find a suitable factory to produce your product. We've dealt with complex product creations in the past and can work out a unique solution for you, no matter the complexity involved.


I want to import “X” product can you source it?

In 99% of cases yes we can. If you can find suppliers online, we can find it. If you can’t find suppliers online, we still can find it or have it made in China for you. 


How much can I expect to pay in freight?
Freight and duty costs will vary depending upon the size, weight and material of the product produced, as well as on the final destination of the order


How will my order be shipped from overseas?
NCI has partnered up with experienced freight forwarding companies who handle all shipments coming into North America. Most shipments are done by sea, By air is available if needed.


What fees do you charge?

We charge a commission of 5-10% on the value of your goods being imported or sourced. So if your product is $100 from the factory we will charge you $105 to $110. The shipping, quality control, customs clearances, duty, GST, permits etc are charged at cost. This covers all the services you need to get your goods from China to your door stress free.


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